5 Ways to Make Working from Home More Sustainable and Enjoyable

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Mallory Albertson



With the rise of technology and unexpected world events, working from home is slowly becoming our new norm. We are in a new age of work and this is a drastic change for many. But working from home doesn't always have to feel draining nor unproductive. 

This course helps those new to working from home to understand that it can be enjoyable and sustainable.

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5 Ways to make working from home more joyful and sustainable.
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Added about 11 hours ago, by Simone
Added 2 days ago, by Anonymous
good material, good links, reinforces the positives so I don't feel guilty about not working 24x7 while at home.
Added 3 days ago, by Megan
Added 4 days ago, by Anne
Added 6 days ago, by Ahamefule
Added 6 days ago, by Gene
The course provided information that you may have thought of working from home. Ensuring you do take a break or you set a time for work only.
Added 7 days ago, by Joseph
Added 7 days ago, by Mark Allan
Added 9 days ago, by Anonymous
This interactive made the content more interesting and enjoyable.
Added 11 days ago, by Scott

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