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Mallory Albertson



Welcome to Path to Coaching Module 1, Professional Coaching Competencies. This is a Scrum Alliance® Labs program built to help deliver the competencies needed by Agile Coaches who want to broaden and deepen their skill and awareness.

Audience: Existing and aspiring agile coaches, including Scrum Masters, who want to broaden and deepen their coaching skills and awareness.

Note: This is NOT a certification program.  

This course is worth 5 SEU credits.



Chapter 1 - Transformational Questions

  • 1.1.1  Coach asks clear, direct, primarily open-ended questions, one at a time, at a pace that allows for thinking and reflection by the client.
  • 1.1.2  Coach’s questions are not leading, i.e. do not contain a conclusion or direction.
  • 1.1.3  Coach's questions are primarily transformational rather than transactional focused

Chapter 2 - Direct Communication

  • 1.2.1  Coach’s language is generally clear and concise.
  • 1.2.2  The coach allows the client to do most of the talking.
  • 1.2.3  Coach allows the client to complete speaking without interrupting unless there is a stated coaching purpose to do so.
  • 1.2.4  Coach shares observations, intuitions, comments, thoughts, and feelings to serve the client’s learning or forward movement.
  • 1.2.5  Coach shares observations, intuitions, comments, thoughts and feelings without any attachment to them being right.
  • 1.2.6  Coach uses the client’s language or language that reflects the client’s way of speaking.

Chapter 3 - Coaching Agreement

  • 1.3.1  Coach helps the client identify, or reconfirm, what s/he wants to accomplish
  • 1.3.2  Coach helps the client to define or reconfirm measures of success
  • 1.3.3  Coach explores what is important or meaningful to the client about what s/he wants to accomplish
  • 1.3.4  Coach helps the client define what the client believes they need to address or resolve in order to achieve what s/he wants to accomplish
  • 1.3.5  Coach continues towards the client's stated outcomes unless the client expresses otherwise
  • 1.3.6  Coach develops a coaching relationship agreement as well as a coaching session agreement with the client

Chapter 4 - Developing Trust

  • 1.4.1  Coach acknowledges the client’s work in the coaching process.
  • 1.4.2  Coach respects the client’s work in the coaching process.
  • 1.4.3  Coach expresses support for the client.
  • 1.4.4  Coach challenges the client.
  • 1.4.5  Coach notices and reflects on client’s progress.
  • 1.4.6  Coach holds the client as fully competent, undamaged, resourceful, and not in need of fixing

Chapter 5 - Coaching Presence

  • 1.5.1  Coach is observant, empathetic and responsive.
  • 1.5.2  Coach exhibits curiosity with the intent to learn more.
  • 1.5.3  Coach partners with the client by supporting the client to choose what happens
  • 1.5.4  Coach partners with the client by inviting the client to respond in any way to the coach's contributions and accepts the client's response.
  • 1.5.5  Coach partners with the client by playing back the client's expressed possibilities for the client to choose from.
  • 1.5.6  Coach partners with the client by encouraging the client to formulate his or her own learning.

Chapter 6 - Active Listening

  • 1.6.1  Coach’s questions and observations are customized by using what the coach has learned about who the client is and the client’s situation.
  • 1.6.2  Coach inquires about or explores the client’s use of language, tone of voice, pace of speech or inflection as appropriate
  • 1.6.3  Coach inquires about or explores the client's behaviors.
  • 1.6.4  Coach inquires about or explores how the client perceives his/her world.
  • 1.6.5 - When appropriate, coach is quiet and gives client time to think.

Chapter 7 - Creating Awareness

  • 1.7.1  Coach invites client to state and/or explore his/her learning in the session about her/his situation
  • 1.7.2  Coach shares what s/he is noticing about the client and /or the client’s situation, and seeks the client’s input or exploration.
  • 1.7.3  Coach invites client to consider how s/he will use new learning from the coaching.

Chapter 8 - Designing Actions, Planning & Goal Setting, Managing Progress and Accountability

  • 1.8.1  Coach invites or allows client to explore progress towards what s/he wants to accomplish in the session
  • 1.8.2  Coach invites or allows client to explore progress towards the overall goals s/he wants to accomplish
  • 1.8.3  Coach assists the client to design what actions/thinking client will do after the session in order for the client to continue moving toward the client's desired outcomes.
  • 1.8.4  Coach invites or allows client to consider her/his path forward, including, as appropriate, support mechanisms, resources and potential barriers.
  • 1.8.5  Coach assists the client to design the best methods of accountability for her/himself.

Learning Credits

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Introduction to Professional Coaching
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Sample Coaching Session (optional)
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Chapter 1: Transformational Questions
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Chapter 1 Quiz
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Chapter 2: Direct Communication
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Chapter 3: Coaching Agreement
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Chapter 4: Developing Trust
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Chapter 4 Quiz
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Chapter 5 : Coaching Presence
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Chapter 6 : Active Listening
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Chapter 6 Quiz
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Chapter 7 : Creating Awareness
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Chapter 7 Quiz
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Chapter 8 : Designing Actions, Planning & Goal Setting, Managing Progress and Accountability
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Chapter 8 Quiz
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Module 1 Course Survey
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