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We are a nonprofit organization that is guiding and inspiring individuals, leaders, and organizations with agile practices, principles, and values to help create workplaces that are joyful, prosperous, and sustainable.

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Why build trust on your scrum team? Scrum is an agile framework that propels teams into learning through experimentation, exploration, and collaboration. To be able to build and achieve cohesiveness, team members need to learn to trust one another. Scrum masters play an important part in helping their teams to build that trust and safety. They know it can be challenging, but they also know, once the team has formed that environment, they will be more open to innovate and take risks together. In this course, scrum masters can explore three ways to build trust within their teams. Read More

Work culture is much different than it was in the past. With rapid technological innovation and the way people and society have evolved, businesses and their leaders need to rethink and reshape their company culture. But what defines a great workplace culture?  Read More

With the rise of technology and unexpected world events, working from home is slowly becoming our new norm. We are in a new age of work and this is a drastic change for many. But working from home doesn't always have to feel draining nor unproductive.  This course helps those new to working from home to understand that it can be enjoyable and sustainable. Read More

There are four sections in this course, which you may complete in any order you wish. (Alternatively, you can choose to skip directly to the course quiz to assess your current skills before exploring the content.)   Each section is comprised of two or more videos and two or more practice activities or practice scenarios to help cement your learning. Sections include: Section 1: Scrum Theory Section 2: Scrum Roles Section 3: Scrum Events Section 4: Scrum Artifacts If you would like to read along while watching the videos, a text-only transcript of ALL of the course videos is available for download within each section. Note: completing this course does not result in a certification. This course is intended to teach the basics of Scrum to prepare you for a certification course.    The Scrum Guide is © 2020 Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. Content from The Scrum Guide is used by permission of Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland under the terms of the Creative Commons – Attribution – Share-Alike License v. 4.0. which is accessible at and also described in summary form at Read More

This expanded version provides you the same amazing content found in the free video version, enhanced with: Rigorous assessments that will help you gauge what content you are (or are not) grasping in the course. Interactive eLearning components, geared to help you engage with the content and explore how you might apply the knowledge you are gaining.  Additional content and insights from professional agile coaches. Downloadable transcripts for reviewing content outside of the videos.  Read More

Welcome to Path to Coaching Module 1, Professional Coaching Competencies. This is a Scrum Alliance® Labs program built to help deliver the competencies needed by Agile Coaches who want to broaden and deepen their skill and awareness. Audience: Existing and aspiring agile coaches, including Scrum Masters, who want to broaden and deepen their coaching skills and awareness. Note: This is NOT a certification program.   This course is worth 5 SEU credits. Read More

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